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40 sec, playing with Nurse Shark in Bimini Sound​.

25°42'50.16"N 79°16'1.33"W

1 min recap of the S.S. Sapona shipwreck.

25°39'3.27"N 79°17'35.98"W

1 min recap of the Bimini Mangrove trails.

25°45'59.06"N 79°14'53.19"W

1 min showcasing the Bimini Marine Protected Area.

1 min showcasing a plane wreck on the south east of Bimini. 25°41'41.99"N 79°17'25.25"W

50 sec vid of the sunken Galiant Lady on the mid west side of Bimini. 25°43'13.98"N 79°18'5.97"W

Jetski Junkies USA in Bimini Bahamas

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