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The JETSKI JUNKIES Jet Ski Club has traveled & ridden all over North America, the Bahamas & the Carribean. JJ Touring Members absolutely get the biggest bang for the buck out of their Personal Watercraft. Club members help new members getting into the Touring scene to get their PWC's equipped with all the right stuff needed to do long haul riding. These Tours can be from 2 - 7 days but the majority are weekend adventures in some of the most beautiful places on the water. 

Below is just a handful of previous Tours that were recapped with video. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse of what touring by Personal Watercraft is like. Just click on a Tour to see the video.

Each Tour is all inclusive & will provide on road or water support & picnic lunch when applicable. Fuel & Dinner is not included. A full detailed itinerary will be provided upon trip sign up.

EXAMPLE TOUR:  "Liberty Ride"

- Welcome Dinner night before

- Ramp Launch location & Time 

- Ride to Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island

- Lunch stop @ Liberty House Restaurant

- Ride north up the Hudson River to GW bridge

- Ride into Harlem River down around Manhatten seeing Yankee Stadium

- Ride up the Hackensack River to Giants Stadium

- Back to ramp

- Dinner

Jetski Junkies USA in Tampa, FL
Jetski Junkies USA at Dungeness Ruins
Jetski Junkies USA at the Statue of Liberty
Jetski Junkies USA in the Florida Keys
Jetski Junkies USA at Sunapee Harbor
Jetski Junkies USA in Washington DC


Jetski Junkies USA at Legoland


Jetski Junkies USA in Bimini Bahamas
Jetski Junkies USA in the Grand Bahamas

Peterson Cay, Grand Bahama Island

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